The 6th and 7th Books of Moses: Bk. 6, Bk. 7


It is unknown when these magical books were written, but we know they were translated from the ancient Hebrew. The Sixth Book is composed of “Secret Seals” used in magical rituals. Each seal is presented, followed by a matching conjuration. The conjuration is a verbal spell summoning entities or energies beyond our reality that may in fact respond and help to achieve the goal of the summoner. The Seventh Book contains a number of magical tables, each of which performs a certain function. Carrying a table with you or bringing it to a certain area is supposed to bring results like wealth, love, or good luck. Also included is “The Magic of the Israelites,” which contains instances of magic being performed in the Bible, followed by a Kabala section that reveals secret Kabalistic wisdom, the application of charms and remedies, hidden wisdom of the Psalms, and magical cures of the old Hebrews. Use of this book should be done with respect. If used properly, it claims to bring good fortune to those who proceed with good intentions.


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