Ro-Hun Therapy : The Greatest Transformational Process of Our Time


Living a life of peace, love and wholeness is possible. Imagine experiencing yourself as the beautiful, powerful, loving, and wise spiritual human being you truly are. Imagine knowing that you not only belong here on earth but that you have a satisfying and important Purpose. Imagine gaining the freedom to create your life anew, released from the thoughts and feelings about yourself that have kept you trapped in unhappiness and isolation. Imagine releasing forever your anger, emptiness, futility and boredom. Imagine creating a life wherein you are able to truly love and be loved. All this is possible through RoHun Therapy, the best kept healing secret of our time. RoHun Therapy is the non-traditional, spiritually based therapy that introduces you to your Spiritual Self. This connection, accomplished with amazing ease and grace, fills you with the conviction that, no matter what, you can heal. Thus empowered, you are led to discover and address the underlying thoughts and feelings that keep you imprisoned by life’s disappointments. RoHun Therapy is based on three principles. First and foremost, each of us is a Soul. Your Soul carries your spiritual attributes of Wisdom, Love, Beauty, Harmony and Understanding. Second, experiencing your Soul and recognizing your inherent Spiritual Wholeness is the empowerment that allows for rapid, permanent healing. Third, your negative emotional and mental blockages (faulty thoughts and feelings) lie within you like layers of an onion. These layers of negativity which surround and suffocate your Spirit must be peeled back gently but with focus and determination. How can devastating thoughts such as I am unlovable, I am powerless, I am inadequate, and destructive feelings such as fear, blame, anger, emptiness, sorrow, and shame, be healed? Under the guidance and skill of a highly trained RoHun Therapist you are carefully led, in stages, to find and face them. The stages are called: Purification, Caged One, Origin, Androgynous Process.


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