Shop Delphi University is a division of Aleph corporation DBA The Oasis Gallery, the school store at Delphi University. We offer unique and cutting edge spiritual products for the spiritual initiate in this New Day, including exceptional books by our Delphi professors and graduates covering spiritual topics and information not generally available from conventional sources, CD’s, Music, Sacred Chants, and DVDs for meditation, evolution, and spiritual phenomena, Color and Sound Healing Resources, Crystals, Crystal Healing Sets, and other Jewelry, Pure Imported Egyptian Flower Oils and Fragrances, Health Products, Meditation CD’s and tools, and unique Spiritual Products, all designed to assist you in your Spiritual Journey.

Everything we offer has been tried, tested, and used by us and our students and graduates in our own spiritual practice. Since 1974 Delphi has been serving the Light and our brothers and sisters on the planet. We hope that we can help support you in your spiritual growth and practice.

In Love and Light,

Your Delphi Family & Friends