The Adventures of Prince Abba & Magi Patiput


Patricia Hayes

Are you ready to take a flight into reality fantasy? Reality fantasy is a flight into Truth that most people look upon as fantasy. The Adventures of Prince Abba begin with Volume 1, Prince Abba and Magi Patiput that takes you into unimaginable places; a world of telepathy and telepathic-messaging, astral travel, dark lords, life beyond the death of one’s physical body, and a love that lasts for lifetimes. The Story Teller knows well the ancient mysteries and is privy to secrets about Magi, kings, adepts, sages, wispy ghosts, dark lords, trickster demons and enlightened beings from other worlds. The Story Teller knows well the Ancient Mysteries and is the one chosen to pass on these mysteries and secrets that have been whispered throughout time to the present age and to you. I am the Story Teller. I have travelled with all the characters that have dressed the pages of his book, and have witnessed all that I tell, even the deepest, sweetest, darkest thoughts and secrets.


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