Man Power God Power


The word “humanity” means: God Being Man, hu (god), man, ity (being). The purpose in us being here is to remember and know this truth now. Not knowing and remembering we are God Experiencing itself has cause us great suffering in the past and still in the present.

We have given our man and god powers away to others, which have allowed them to control and separate us from our cosmic reality and truth. Now as we approach the creation of a final Golden Age, the time has come for MAN POWER to become GOD POWER. Are you ready?

The higher realms teachings and messages in MAN POWER GOD POWER are intended to assist us in our personal and collective process of ascension, moving into a higher frequency of existence as a result of our re-connection from whence we came.

Randomly go through this collection of wisdoms and allow your resonance and discernment to select a divine message for you in this moment of now.


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