Spiritual Anatomy 2 – The Cause and Healing of Disease


This book is a continuation of the Spiritual Anatomy I book. The author continues the fascinating journey into the ancient spiritual mysteries and spiritual knowledge that demonstrates how our own body is our most intimate and valuable spiritual teacher. This study outlines the spiritual anatomy of the physical body with emphasis on understanding the root cause of diseases. In addition, the author incudes a study on the healings of the Christ and on the Bible’s Book of Revelation showing the relevancy to Spiritual Anatomy. This information can benefit anyone who has had a life-threatening disease, chronic illness or who is interested in maintaining a healthy body. This book and Spiritual Anatomy Book I could be considered text books for the aspiring spiritual healer. This book also includes RoHun – The Journey of Finding Love, Wisdom, and Harmony that we are, by the founder of RoHun, Patricia Hayes.

The ultimate goal of man and his journey of life is the attainment of Christ Consciousness. Please join Delphi University founder Marshall Smith in this sequel to Spiritual Anatomy I as he further develops the concept of spiritual anatomy, the spiritual and physical evolution of man, and the things that mankind must do for the development of Christ Consciousness. Marshall takes on the journey from the time of the ancients up to the present day. Also includes a 50 page treatise on the revolutionary and miraculous RoHun spiritual psychotherapy by Delphi co-founder Patricia Hayes, as well as a spiritual interpretation of the Book of Revelation and the true meaning of this incredible book of initiation.


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