The Genesis Prayer – Discover The Ancient Secret To Modern Miracles

The Genesis Prayer – Discover The Ancient Secret To Modern Miracles


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“The Genesis Prayer explains the power of Ana B’koach and when we understand this prayer it will give us the deep understanding that will help us to bring the Geula (the Final Redemption).” -Avraham Brandwein, the Strettiner Rav

“The Genesis Prayer divulges how we may simply amplify our powers of traditional prayer. Through the citation of multiple corroborative examples, Meiliken successfully demonstrates that God, far from having abandoned us, is readily available to those seeking his beneficent assistance.” -T. Lee Bauman, author of God at the Speed of Light and Window to God.

For centuries sages, prophets, and scholars have known and used the powerful Genesis Prayer to grant miracles, blessings, health, and happiness. Now, the time has come to bring this life-transforming prayer to people of all faiths. In The Genesis Prayer, Jeffrey Meiliken brings to light ancient wisdom and unlocks secrets of the bible.

The Genesis Prayer, the first and most powerful prayer in the Bible, is a source of untold riches. Derived from Genesis 1:1, the forty-two-word Genesis Prayer brings nearly instantaneous miracles to all who try it.

Discover how the prayer has brought miracles:

· An infertile couple is able to conceive and have a child

· A business is saved when a lost package is found

· A child escapes injury in a dangerous situation

Also revealed is a simple decryption of the Bible’s underlying mathematical codes.

In The Genesis Prayer, Jeffrey Meiliken, a mathematician and student of spirituality, brings together these two areas of expertise to help you get your prayers answered.

Jeffrey Meiliken, a mathematician with twenty years experience analyzing the commonalities of ancient cultures, is a leading authority on the structural encryptions embedded in the artifacts of many cultures, including the Nazcas of Peru, the Egyptians, and the early Israelites. A student of spirituality for even longer, he frames this hidden knowledge within the context of each culture’s esoteric wisdom. Having lived many years overseas including eight years in South America, he currently lives in Manhattan with his wife and two children. A corporate consultant on the use of influential numbers, he travels the country lecturing on ancient encrypted mathematics and giving seminars on the Genesis Prayer.


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