Man of Light – The Extraordinary Healing Life of Mauricio Panisset


Man of Light is a truly fascinating story about love, life, phenomena, and miracles. It is the true story of the famous Brazilian healer Mauricio Panisset, as told through the eyes of his wife Kimberly. Mauricio possessed a rare gift, the gift of light phenomena. Bright lights could be seen flashing like lightning, coming from various parts of his body when he did his healing work. These lights were beyond human comprehension. Mauricio used these lights to miraculously heal the sick and the dying, and to open others to a greater awareness of God and themselves.

Dr Wayne Dyer says, “When I first walked into a room with him I immediately felt that he was radiating an extremely high energy from his body. He literally glowed with the high energy of light and love. Upon meeting him I was immediately placed at ease and I felt as if I were in the company of someone who could actually touch my soul.

Kimberly takes you on a profound and inspirational journey which will open your eyes to the many possibilities in our world. Through Kimberly’s experiences you will be inspired and intrigued to know more about the mysteries of life. According to her, “All things are possible when you open your mind and tap into the power of your soul.”

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