Souls United: The Power of Divine Connection


Soulful Love Across Time

Every one of us longs for the pure joy and sense of completeness found in reuniting with our other half. But how do you find and recognize your twin soul?

Regression therapist Ann Merivale has studied the lives of ordinary people who have found their other half. From the glorious moment of instant recognition to karmic partnerships to shared past life experiences, this collection of inspiring true stories illuminates the rewarding and challenging nature of these intense relationships. There are also touching accounts of famous figures such as Edgar Cayce, Elizabeth Taylor, and St. Francis of Assisi, who experienced transformative twin soul and soul mate relationships.

The deep bond between twin souls affects our lives profoundly, teaching us invaluable lessons and guiding us on our spiritual path. This book on twin souls offers hope and reassurance that―in this lifetime or another―you will find your soul mate and experience enduring love.

Souls United is both a delight and an education. This book is valuable to anyone who wonders about the nature of human relationships.”―Eve Bruce, MD, author of Shaman, MD

“Well researched and hugely informative, Merivale’s book is essential reading for anyone interested in twin soul relationships.”―Richard Webster, award-winning author of Soul Mates


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