Healing the Unhealed Mind


The central focus of this book is the theme of body and mind, a theme I repeatedly come back to in my teaching. It can be restated as the theme of form and content that is so often discussed in A Course in Miracles. The ego preserves it­self by having us identify with the external or physical form at the expense of the mind s content. In the context of this book, we see the ego s ingenuity in having us focus on the external symptoms of sickness, their amelioration then seen as healing. True healing, however, comes only when we let the true Healer return our attention to the mind s symptom of guilt. By so doing, our unhealed minds are cleansed of the er­roneous belief in guilt s reality, freeing us to become healed healers. Our recognizing that sickness and healing are only of the mind is one of the Course s major purposes, for it is the basis of forgiveness. It is the purpose of this book to help further students understanding of this process, which is a signifi­cant part of the healing journey we take with Jesus.


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