God Shall Grow Up


What is our purpose on Earth? No suitable answers have been found!
Heaven. Nirvana. Neither gives meaning to life on our planet. We are perplexed because God’s secret isn’t revealed until the “last act.”
* In the first act, Life emerged.
* In the second act, Mind emerged.
* In the third act, Supramental Power manifested on February 29, 1956.
The Truth Consciousness or Supramental that emerged in the third act has been dissolving the morass of falsehood, evil, fear and cruelty. In God Shall Grow Up, Dr. Wayne Bloomquist tells how this new Force came about and the impact it is having on our lives, our bodies, our institutions and our planet – and how easy it is for you to participate in this unique experiment to know the Truth of your Being.


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