Ego Therapy


Do you know any of the following about ego? Ego profoundly impacts your health and happiness for better or worse. Ego works to ensure your daily and mortal survival in ways that can lead to suffering. Ego has no awareness of itself but you can become aware of it and what it’s doing in your life. Ego has no awareness of God but can negatively impact your movement along your spiritual path. Ego can be healed by you with ego medicine that can bring this energy into balance. ” Ego Therapy: A Method for Healing Your Whole Self” offers a path of self-discovery through which you can become aware of, manage and ultimately heal your ego. You will come to understand that the ego is human energy consisting of power, flexibility and vulnerability, and that it’s possible to bring it into balance. The rewards are increased mental and emotional wellbeing, a genuine happiness and sense of peace, and an open door to heightened spiritual consciousness.


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