Fit Buddy

Fit Buddy


Made out of a lightweight wood with the same clever design as the Original LiLiFu Fit Buddy but with a polyurethane finish. Lightweight at 1 1/4 pounds or less so it can be taken everywhere you go.


Helps ease or alleviate: sore hands from texting, gaming or keyboarding/typing, neck and shoulder tension, tension headaches, tight forehead muscles, sore arms, sore hands, tight or sore chest muscles, helps with elimination, tight lower back and hip flexors, tight hamstrings and calves, massage tight muscles along shin bone, massage tight glutes, stretch tight foot muscles including muscles around the achilles and plantar, stretch big toe. It improves energy circulation, chest opening for stress relief and helps facilitate deeper breathing.  Is excellent for stretching, massaging and circulating energy throughout the entire body and feet after wearing high heels, flip flops, wedges or after standing on your feet or walking all day. Use it for tapping at the base of the shoulder tips to stimulate the immune system according to Chinese medicine. Use for myofascial, psoas massage and trigger point release. Stimulate your weight loss acupressure points around belly button.

It can be used at home, work, the gym, football field, basketball court, tennis court, golf course, just about anywhere before and after running. It was designed to fit in your carry on bag to travel with you. Each one is portable and lightweight at 18 inches long, 5 inches wide and 2 1/2 inches tall.

A fitness/body tool to be used from head to toe. Comes with a product sleeve with How to Use directions and photos inside.

It’s like having your own mini therapist at your fingertips. Always there and ready when you need it.

Prevention is much easier than cure! See what all the talk is about and order one today. Check out testimonials in the drop down menu at the top of the home page.

Based on the personal nature of the Fit Buddy, all sales are final.


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