What is Ro-Hun?


In 1984, Patricia Hayes developed and researched a revolutionary process of Transpersonal Spiritual Psychotherapy called Ro-Hun:tm:. In 1985, Dr. William Roll of Duke University heard of Patricia’s research and welcomed the opportunity to meet her.

They became colleagues after their first meeting. Dr. Roll began sending Patricia clients so that she could further research Ro-Hun processes on people that were seeking to make real life changes. Case after case, Patricia and Dr. Roll discovered that Ro-Hun had extraordinary effects in healing the subconscious and unconscious mind. The results far surpassed their expectations. Unlike traditional therapies, Ro-Hun is a fast acting in-depth process that accesses the higher regions of the mind and has proven to be a breakthrough in the transpersonal healing of body, mind, and spirit. Today, Ro-Hun is a modern-day miracle and has become globally known.

About Patricia Hayes

Patricia Hayes and her husband Marshall are founders of Delphi University of Spiritual Studies. Patricia received a degree in Behavioral Science from the New York Institute of Technology. She is well known for her innovative teaching methods and has authored seven books. She has trained thousands and conducted seminars for major corporations and medical associations. She has conducted Dolphin research with the University of Miami and with Archeologists at the University of South Carolina. Patricia is responsible for the breakthrough that right-brain development is a source of intuitive intelligence. Patricia Hayes invites everyone to discover The Alchemical Secret of Ro-Hun as a Self-Empowerment aid that utilizes an individual’s spiritual strength to facilitate healing and transformation within the pages of “What is Ro-Hun?”


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