Nine Faces of Christ

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NINE FACES OF CHRIST is the narrative of Joseph-bar-Joseph, a Messiah, crucified 57 years B.C. that illustrates the methods and techniques to develop the inner or initiate Godself. It deals with the secret and true religion behind all religions, and with the preparation and initiation of the candidate into many secret and sacred metaphysical studies—from the mysteries of the Magi to the ancient Egyptian training for the God-King.

Here are disclosed Initiate Truths such as those the Greek Philosopher Plato dared not to disclose because he was under sacred oath not to do so. It deals with the inspired and relentless search for the True Religion, the unveiling of religious Truth long held so secret that one risked life itself to find that Truth.

“The central character of this book is not ‘Jesus Christ’ as we perceive him, but rather the Eternal Initiate, the Great Candidate of All Religions. It is hoped that as you read you will become so emotionally involved in the problems of this Great Initiate that as he approaches initiation in his preparation for the Final Effort on The Cross, you will feel that you are there.” — EUGENE E. WHITWORTH


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