Meditations of the Heart


Steve Smith has been associated with Delphi in various capacities for over 31 years. Through his many experiences at Delphi, Steve discovered his true love of working with the spiritual qualities and energies of the Heart. From this discovery, Steve has had the unique opportunity of leading these guided meditations for the various morning meditation sessions over the past few years. What he realized is how powerful the meditations are in providing inspiration, insight and healing, and helping to feel the depth of Spirit within the heart. From this realization, Steve wanted to provide a way for you to work with and experience these wonderful meditations beyond the Delphi class setting so that you may continue to grow Spiritually. Each meditation is a journey within that will allow for greater depth on your Spiritual path and bring more light and love into your life experience. Open your heart to your Spirit within and know that what you experience and receive is for your highest good, which is always the potential of Spirit.


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