Light From the Heavens – I’ll Never Stop Loving You

Light From the Heavens – I’ll Never Stop Loving You


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Imagine a book on mystical art and spiritual revelations that begin with one of the most spectacular love stories throughout time; a love that is based on a problematic present life discovery. Section one invites you to enter a romantic involvement, one that reveals the sacred sharing of profound intimacy, healing, forgiveness and acceptance that bridges two souls. This timely script shows how the soul has attractions to people, places and ideas that remain in-tact from one life to another and reveals past life events of soul progression in such a clear manner that one can investigate their own relationships.

A Handbook to Higher Consciousness, this reservoir of knowledge inspires, intrigues, provides understanding of ancient mysteries, and gives direction to an ancient meditation process, awakening intuitiveness awareness, spiritual vision and crossing over to mention a few. The 56 full color channeled art pieces that accompany mystical writings give undeniable evidence that we are supported by Light in every step we take toward higher consciousness. Understanding Entura Art is reason to delve into this beautiful book.

The author teaches how to enter the energy field (Entura) and create with pastels mesmerizing images from the spiritual realm. Profoundly moving and enticing to one’s spirit, this newly accessible tool makes visible the invisible and gives form and expression to something most of us previously found indescribable and intangible. Earning rave reviews, this must read is enjoyed by anyone who desires insight into Spirit, earth situations, and our near future.

Patricia Hayes is an artist, international lecturer, teacher and author who has appeared on numerous major television programs including Current Affair, Unsolved Mysteries, Unexplained Mysteries, Strange Universe and Japan’s version of the 20/20 program. She is the author of five books and coauthored “The Extension of Life” with her husband Marshall Smith. Patricia has currently finished her newest book, Light form the Heavens – I’ll Never Stop Loving You, featuring art as a spiritual experience. Her book includes her latest art pieces accompanied with the spiritual messages of each art rendering as well as commentary on the new art that is emerging in our world today, Light form the Heavens – I’ll Never Stop Loving You is currently available in hardback book or electronic formats and can be purchased through her website:

Patricia has been a leading pioneer in intuitive and spiritual development for over 45 years and is well known for her innovative experiential teaching methods. Patricia and her husband Marshall founded Delphi University in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia in 1985 and presently have graduates in 32 countries. Delphi University is well-known as a world-renowned school of higher learning offering numerous certification courses, with bachelor, master, and doctorate level degree programs. Marshall is a retired Vice-President of the Kimberly-Clark Corporation.

Patricia is also the founder of The RoHun Institute located at Delphi University, which offers an extensive study program in Spiritual Psychotherapy and Transpersonal Psychology. She has developed an extensive Self-Enlightenment Correspondence Program that is offered on the website:


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