Guan Yin


Quan Yin Pu Sa (Guan Yin) is the Chinese name for Bodhisattva of compassion or Avalokitesvara (Sanskrit), one of the Three Pure Land Sages. Quan Yin is a shortened name from Guan Shi Yin, which means to “Observe the sounds of the world”. Quan Yin attained enlightenment by means of the faculty of hearing, and can appear in countless forms to help the people of the mundane world. Pu Sa means Bodhisattva. During China’s Northern Qi period (6th century) the sculpting of the Buddhist figures are delicate, elegant, and life-like, often in freer postures with flowing and soft curving lines as shown in the straps and the stem of the lotus flower. Adorned on her headdress with a small Amitabha Buddha, this Quan Yin Pa Su holds a Vitarka mudra, a “Gesture of Debate” in her right hand. She is framed by a host of dakinis, guardians in female forms, on the Heart Sutra-engraved back drop. The whole assembly depicts a colorful and ethereal Buddhist world.


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