Bringing Down the Light


Mother Meera was born on December 26, 1960 in South India. She soon showed herself to be an unusual child. At six, she experienced her first samadhi lasting an entire day. Over the years, thousands of devotees from all over the world have come to her for darshan, her transformative blessing of silence and light.

Widely regarded as an incarnation of the Divine Mother, Mother Meera states that she is here to bring down a special light, the Paramatman Light, that is working to transform the world, gently and radically, in these difficult times.

The radiant paintings in this book are watercolor depictions by Mother Meera of the after-death states. Painted after the death of her close devotee and uncle, Mr. Reddy, they record her direct perception of the subtle realms through which we all will eventually travel. They stand as a uniquely authoritative document that demonstrates that the soul of the seeker can expect the loving protection and guidance of the Divine Mother in death, as in life.


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