Aura Soma Pomander Presentation Set

Aura Soma Pomander Presentation Set


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The name POMANDER was given during the Dark Ages of European history to formally name the method of emitting Sacred Vapors.

And so it has been since the beginning of Man’s awareness, that Incense has been Universally used by many, to emulate and honor..…

Pomander is the name given to a fragrant bouquet, sometimes presented in a small box made of braided straw or sewn into fabric, but also in the form of a bouquet of flowers, or fruit pierced with spices. In times past they were used for protection, for disinfection, for cleaning of the atmosphere – similarly to the burning of frankincense, sage and other herbs.

AURA-SOMA® Pomanders were conceived to give protection to the aura, acting specifically on the electromagnetic field that closely surrounds the physical body. They also act to strengthen the energetic field. The auric body, like the physical, can become damaged for numerous reasons. The application of a Pomander around the energetic field may repair those areas that are damaged. The regular application of a Pomander acts as protection against vibrations that might be of harm. Kirlian photography has shown this effect as a bar around the aura that lasts for up to several hours after application of the chosen Pomander.

AURA-SOMA® Pomanders are available in 17 vials different fragrance combinations and colors. They contain extracts from plants and herbs in an alcoholic solution. Three drops on the palm of your left hand, rubbed together with your right hand and passed through and around your aura, are sufficient to surround you with a delicate web which may help to give you refreshment. Finish by deeply inhaling the fragrance from between your hands.


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